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14 - 17 November 2022
Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

Zdeněk Šustr

Zdeněk Šustr is a researcher, developer and development team manager at CESNET. He has been involved with European high-throughput computing projects for over a decade, witnessing the shift from grid to cloud computing paradigm, starting with the EGEE series, over the EMI and EGI series of projects, INDIGO-DataCloud, to the current DEEP-HybridDataCloud and the EOSC group of projects. Since 2016 he has been acting on behalf of CESNET as the technology partner of the Czech Collaborative Ground Segment under ESA’s Sentinels Collaborative Ground Segment. Since Spring 2018 he has been representing CESNET in its role as the Czech DataHub Relay in the Sentinel’s Collaborative Ground Segment. Together with his team he also develops open source management and integration tools to enrich the Sentinel DataHubs ecosystem of Earth observation products and services. These two areas — high-throughput computing and Earth observation — have recently met in project C-SCALE, where Zdeněk leads the Data Federation work package.

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