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14 - 17 November 2022
Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

Czech EOSC, during Czech Presidency!

Monday 14th November 2022 - 1.00 pm - 2.30pmRoom: KeplerEOSC ecosystem sessions



About the session

The session will present Czech plans for the implementation of EOSC. The presentation of the vision and expected basic architecture and its parameters and services will be complemented by the presentation of researchers’ needs and expectations, combined with their active approach to creating a live EOSC environment in Czechia.

The session will be concluded by a panel/Q&A part that will allow discussion between presenters and the participants about key aspects of the EOSC implementation at the national level.

Relevance for EOSC

The session builds on more than 2 years of preparatory activities for the Czech national implementation of EOSC led by e-INFRA CZ consortia (https://www.e-infra.cz/eosc) together with 11 EOSC working groups at the national level, that are complementary to EOSC-TF at EU level. We would like to present what we have achieved till now and what is ahead of us. We are more than happy that we as a country are able to host this event during the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU and we are looking very much to share our know-how with European partners also from 3 national events, that brought together more than 250 researchers, policymakers and managers.  The session speakers are mainly heads of respective Working Groups of Czech EOSC.


13.00 CET – Introduction to the Czech Implementation of EOSC –
L. Matyska (Vision, Architecture and Core Services)
Short presentations –
M. Svoboda (Metadata),
D. Hanzlíková (Human Resources),
J. Klánová, J. Vondrášek (Life science),
M. Cebecauer (Material Sciences and Technology),
P. Straňák, J. Krejčí (Humanities and social sciences)
– 14.30 CETPanel discussion and Q&A


Do you want to (re)watch the session? Take a look below.

If you want to (re)live the full Symposium? Take a look at the EOSC Portal youtube channel.


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