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14 - 17 November 2022
Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

Onboarding and Integration of services and resources in the EOSC Platform

Wednesday 16th November 2022 - 2.30pm - 4.00 pmRoom: KeplerEOSC Future

Main session owners:

EOSC Future / Paolo Manghi, Open-AIRE; Montserrat Gonzalez, EGI


The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) enables exchange, composition, monitoring, accounting, and technical support of resources via the EOSC-Core Service Portfolio. In this session we will review the EOSC-Core Resource Model and its components, and highlight the benefits of onboarding resources into the EOSC-Exchange. More specifically, we will describe the EOSC Core architecture, use and benefits for users and providers of the EOSC Resource Catalogue, the EOSC Order Management service, the EOSC Monitoring Service, the EOSC Accounting service for services and research products, and the EOSC Helpdesk.


Service and research product resources, respectively operated and generated by scientific providers, are the essence and substance of the European Open Science Cloud. The EOSC Core components provide the support needed to enable sharing, discovery, reuse, and composition of resources.


Presentations slides
14:30 – 14:38Presentation 1: EOSC core resource model and components Paolo Manghi (OpenAIRE)
14:38-14:58Presentation 2: EOSC resource catalogue
Onboarding services, catalogues, and data sources
Onboarding research products
George Papastefanatos (Athena Research Center)
Thanassis Mantes (Athena Research Center)
Andreas Czerniak (Bielefeld University Library, OpenAIRE)
14:58 – 15:06Presentation 3: EOSC Order Management Roksana Wilk (Cyfronet AGH)
15:06 – 15:14Presentation 4: EOSC MonitoringThemis Zamani (GRNET)
15:14 – 15:30Presentation 5:EOSC Accounting 
Accounting for services
Accounting for research products
Themis Zamani (GRNET)
Dimitris Pierrakos
15:30 – 15:38Presentation 6: EOSC Helpdesk Pavel Weber (KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
15:38 – 15:43Presentation 7: Onboarding KPIs Sally Chambers
15:43 – 16:00Q&A 


Do you want to (re)watch the session? Take a look below.

If you want to (re)live the full Symposium? Take a look at the EOSC Portal youtube channel.



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